Welcome ! At Mechanical Kits Ltd. We endeavour to ensure the best quality products are available for students who are learning, “hands-on”, about Fluid Power.

Our mission is support hands-on learning by doing what we can to make it happen!

The purpose of our company is to supply good quality kits and services that promote hands-on learning. We are committed to improving our products and services based on feedback we receive from our customers. We are also committed to developing new products that will be used by students in the classroom and at events such as the North American Fluid Power Challenges. We will support the use of our product by working with our customers to satisfy their needs and offering support whenever possible.

Bluewater Challenge - see video of winning team

Watch this MP4 video of the winning team in the Bluewater Challenge
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  • Mechanical Kits Ltd. supports the work of the Foundation by donating a royalty for every NFPA Challenge Event and NFPA Classroom kit sold,
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Fluid Power Challenges in school?

The NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge is proving to be a successful project, now involving 2000 students a year. In response to requests from teachers who are unable to be involved because they are not near a sponsored program, Mechanical Kits Ltd. has developed a smaller version of the kit that can be used in a school classroom with 28 students in teams of four. These kits were piloted at the Florida State TSA Convention in March 2019

The “Selected Team” Kit for the team to represent the class in an in-school competition is shown below:

What’s New ?

Welcome Hydrotech Inc.!

Hydrotech joined a long list of Fluid Power Action Challenge sponsors this year. Caterpillar Hydraulic Reservoirs, Lonestar Cy Fair and Komatsu Mining joined last year. Thank you for supporting the Fluid Power Action Challenge!

Florida TSA State Conference

In March 2019 seven teams from Florida middle schools competed in a pilot Fluid Power Challenge at the Florida TSA State Conference. TSA is a Department of Education encouraged activity that can enhance a technology education program, build confidence, provide extra-curricular and leadership skills for students, and add an exciting dimension to the teaching profession. The winning team was McLane Middle School from Braden, FL.

Teams will use the new “School Challenge Kits designed for school-based programs