High School STEM Arm Kit (Class Pack of 10)


A Class Pack (10) of the High School STEM Arm. After building and exploring a robot arm designed to lift and move a soda can and investigating the physics of fluid power, students are challenged to design a solution to a more complex problem using additional materials. A layout board is included in the Class Pack



Students will learn about fluid power – the use of pneumatics and hydraulics in the design of engineered systems. They will construct a pneumatic arm that can pick up and relocate a soda can and explore the motion of the arm using hydraulics. Using the extra materials provided they will design a device to solve a more complex task involving a smaller object and a tiered layout board. STEM concepts referenced in the Powerpoint instructions and notes include Center of Gravity, Pressure and Force,  Pascal’s “law”, classes of levers, hydraulic lift mechanism as well as a Design Process and Hints and Tips for joining materials

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Weight 35 lbs


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