TSA FL Challenge – 1 Team Kit


This combination of two kits is the “KIT” to order if your school is entering 1 team in the FL TSA State Pilot Challenge – 2020

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This “kit” is, in fact, two kits – the National Workshop Kit & the National Challenge Kit. This is the “kit” if you are entering the FL TSA State Pilot competition. The Nat’l Workshop Kit will be shipped to your school and the Nat’l Challenge Kit will be delivered at State. Both kits are nearly identical (if you discount the two smaller kits – Lifter and Rotating Platform- inside the Workshop Kit). The Kit the team uses for the Challenge has extra tubing (+6ft.), one extra gray piston holder, 2 extra 20cc pistons and 12 mini-glue sticks.

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Weight 10 lbs

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